Incorporated in 2011, 3Cube was built with the vision to bridge the healthcare gap. During this time we have studied, strategized, developed and partnered on innovation which provide quality and cost effective solutions.
Our aim is to develop, market and service novel technologies that working towards building a healthier tomorrow.
We are proud to have partnered with Wegamed Devices as their exclusive distributor and service provider for the region. The principles of Wegamed Technologies add a new dimension to effective and efficient health and wellness. We are continuously looking to align with healthcare centers, partners, fitness studios, doctors and all those whose practice will optimize the use of Wegamed Technologies thereby bringing significant advances in the diagnosis, care and treatment of their customers.


Wegamed is built on over 25 years of experience in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Headquartered in Essen, Germany the company was founded by Vega Grieshaber KG. Today under leadership of Peter Moelleny, Wegamed has shown successful results in practice of complementary and alternative medicine. The new approach to health using the fundamentals of holistic medicine have led to innovative medical fitness and wellness devices for effective diagnosis and successful therapy.

Wegamed devices are CE approved and comply with safety standards. The concept of Wegamed opens up a whole new diagnostic dimension and goes far beyond the possibilities offered by orthodox examination methods: Electrography and bio impedance readings according to the Vegatest method give an indication of possible disorders, organ stress, chronic illness and focal inflammation points within the body and do so quickly, effectively and reliably within few minutes.

Ways of Holistic Medicine

The human organism is a complex system which can only be understood as a whole. This is all the more so if functional disorders develop: Instead of focusing on symptoms such as pain, allergies, exhaustion or lack of sleep, it is the causes of the imbalance which must be identified and treated.

Wegamed Concept

Using multiple coordinated ways of diagnosis and therapy, which can be applied as single treatment or in combination with other devices, Wegamed scans over improved health care and preventive measures to improve the general performance of the body and physical comfort.
Wegamed Technologies are a synthesis of years of experience in complementary and alternative medicine with the latest medical technology. A progressive combination of orthodox medicine, naturopathy and an integrated system which provides diagnostic and therapeutic devices under one roof.


Pre-Fit Body Scan

The Complete Fitness Scan

Pre-Fit scans the athlete's body and shows its reactions and weaknesses. A constitutional muscle analysis determining the ideal training time and individual fitness and nutritional advice is provided all in 8 minutes.

Check Medical and Sport

Preventive Care Scan - Advisory Diagnosis

Check Medical Sport (CMS) scans patients from head to toe in under 10 minutes. The report gives insights on irregularities in the body, produces a summary diagnosis and provides suggestions for therapy. CMS provides an efficient, compact and instant holistic body scan.

Test Expert Plus

Case Diagnosis

Test Expert Plus provides detailed information on the causes of illnesses quickly and effectively. For example, the device senses the cause of allergies and organ loads and finds acute and chronic inflammation foci. TEP gives the ability to provide non-invasive, highly sensitive test results in your day-to-day practice.

Therapy Devices
Med Matrix, Med Select

Bio-Resonance, Regeneration and Detox Therapies to Activate Self-healing powers.

Med Matrix combines several methods of matrix regeneration for basic detoxification. The device allows for quantitative results and tracking of individuals therapy in progress.
Med Select activates the body's own vibration. It an be applied on a variety of conditions including allergies, skin complaints, circulation problems and pain.


Singlet - Oxygen - Energies

Our body’s performance in everyday life can be improved by increasing capacity and quality of oxygen to the brain and heart. SOE activates the air we breathe to help the body in its ability to compensate. It has been clinically proven to increase capacity by 15% in brain and heart.SOE can be effortlessly applied in bedrooms,office, cars or wherever you spend time.

Med Audiocolor

Neuro-Feedback Therapy

Real-Time Colour and tone therapy with Med audiocolor aims at strengthening the constitution. General physical wellbeing which can be strengthened by the harmonizing effect of colours and tones. Achieve 4 levels of training by experiencing phases like concentration, relaxation, imagination and the highest level of meditation.